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Just let go and be YOURSELF

I always heard the saying be yourself and do You and I never quite understood what that meant…

After so many years of wishing to be like some other Moms I was following on social media I finally realized that wasn’t me. Yes, it would be great to have a perfect body, nails done every week, baking the perfect cookies and so on and so in but for me it’s just not possible.

You would of never caught me in a bikini before or even shorts and now I let go of the fear of people judging me and I feel amazing!

I don’t stress about my cellulite or my veiny legs like I use to. I see so many woman struggle to have the perfect body and go through so much stress and it’s so unnecessary… It’s your body created by God and You should love every inch 🙂

So be YOU. Do YOU and everything will fall into place ❤️

I promise 🙂

Annette K.



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