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Back To School Survival Guide The Oily Way!

After a super fun summer it came to an end… And, it’ time to get ready for school. I always get so excited when school ends but after a while everyone needs their routine back on track. The kids start to get bored and I was exhausted, LOL

My kids changed schools this year so it’s been a little stressful for all of us. We moved from Chicago to Florida so it’s all so different. My older one was taking it a little harder then the younger one..

I will share some of my tips with you that helped us  get through the first couple of days 🙂

First of all we needed to go shopping for all the school supplies, YIKES! After about 2 different stores and amazon I was able to buy all that they needed. I used Clarity Essential Oil on my neck to keep my mind sharp, Stress Away all over and some extra NingXia Red with Nitro to keep me alert!

Once I got all the school supplies I would treat myself with a Bath at night with some Lavender Essential Oil and epsom salt, ahhhhhh so relaxing 🙂 I would also start diffusing Lavender or Cedarwood at night to promote nice deep sleep for my boys as well. In the summer they would go to sleep a bit later and now it’s my job to get them in bed early so they are nice and refreshed for school. I also apply a drop of Thieves Essential Oil on their feet before bed to keep their immune system strong.

My older son especially was very nervous about his first day of 5th grade. I knew I needed the power of our oils to help him relax and give him more courage before school. I applied Valor on his neck and Stress Away on his spine. I also applied Acceptance on the bottom of their feet to help them with making new friends. I literally saw the stress melt away as he started smiling 🙂 BINGO!

Breakfast. I wanted to make sure they get a nice filling breakfast to keep them full until lunch. One thing about Summer time I felt like they were eating 24/7 LOL, so I knew they would not eat at school until lunch time. I made them their favorite Crepes (you can find the recipe in my recipes blog tab) and added a scoop of Vanilla Spice Pure Protein to make sure it would keep their bellies full 🙂 Also a shot of NingXia Red and a tbs of Mindwise with a drop of Orange Vitality oil. I know after that they will have all the vitamins and minerals they need for the day 🙂

We are on day 2 and they are doing GREAT! The little tips above made a huge difference in their Back to School experience and I hope it could help you as well.

Click here to start your journey and boost your immune system a bit along the way!!!

Annette K.

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