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See you soon…

For many years we have talked about leaving Chicago to move somewhere warm. We imagined ourselves living in a hot climate with beaches near by.

We talked about it constantly, we had pictures cut out on our vision board, so did our boys. As much as we talked about it we really didn’t think it would happen. But we kept believing that it might.

As I type this we are packed and ready to go. We found a perfect spot in Florida that we fell in love with beaches 20 min away. Our hearts are bursting with gratitude. We couldn’t feel more blessed.

I don’t like the word goodbye. So I choose to say see you soon. See you soon to our amazing family. See you soon to all of our friends that we made thought the years. We have made so many memories but we are so excited about this new adventure ahead and create new ones. As Gary Young says: If you are not living on the edge, you are taking too much space 🙂

So follow us along on our crazy new adventure!

Annette K.

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