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Why I chose Network Marketing as my profession?

One question that I get a lot is why do I do the biz side of Young Living? And I simply answer WHY NOT?! For years I knew there is so much more to life, I always felt in my heart that God put us on this earth to live your life to the fullest and I found my answer!!! Here are just a few reasons why I love the biz side 🙂

#1 Will-able income

This means you have the ability to pass down your Young Living business. You could leave the business to your spouse, your children, or anyone else you would like. If you are going to work hard to build a business, you better make sure you can leave it to your family when you’re gone. That is building a legacy.

#2 Flexible schedule

You can work from ANYWHERE! – How fun would it be to decide on a Wednesday, “Hey, let’s drive up north on Friday for a long weekend!” or to be able to make every baseball game and dance recital?

#3 True financial freedom

We already talked about residual income. This is the key to finding TRUE financial freedom. The ability to pay off your debt and to continue to build upon what you have. If you work hard and stay consistent you could literally get a raise every single month.

#4 There is no better time than NOW to start building a Network marketing business.

Now we live in the “Information Age” where companies like Facebook and Twitter are changing the name of the game. Today, it is about building and owning networks. This has leveled the playing field. There has never been a better time to start to grow your own networking company.

#5 Job security

How secure is your job now? Nothing is 100%, which is why having multiple sources of income is smart.
Young Living is a health and wellness company. What does that have to do with job security?
It is statistically proven that today people are spending their money on traveling, building experiences, and on health and wellness. With your YL business, you are providing health and wellness through YL products and building a community of people helping others build relationships: an experience they will never forget. By sharing the opportunity with others, you are sharing the benefits of time and financial freedom. And you’ll gain skills you can use for life.

# 6 Relationships

Oh My Word, I had NO idea that this business would create so many amazing relationships. If you think you lack friends and want to have more, just start a network marketing business.
This business has overflowed my relationship cup. I have connected with old friends I hadn’t talk to in years; some joined my team and now we talk daily, dream together, work hard together, and support each other. I have also become close friends with people I only know virtually and it is so cool!
We all need and long for community. If you feel like you aren’t a part of a community now, you will build one with your YL team

# 7 A rewarding life

No, I’m not talking about all the free trips you will get with your best friends building this business. I’m talking about helping others find success. Not all network marketing companies have a compensation plan that encourages helping those below you to succeed. Young Living’s compensation plan is set up to encourage you to help those below you succeed. As they hit higher ranks, you generate more financial bonuses.
This business is truly about helping others in all aspects of life and when they succeed, you succeed. The best leaders are those who build others up.

This chart shows you the average startup costs for different businesses.

Large business

Apartment complex – $3,000,000

Swim School – $2,000,0000

Restaurant – $300,000 – 1,000,0000

Small businesses

Coffee shop $80,000 – 250,000

Clothing boutique $50,000 -150,000

MLM boutique $5,000 – 10,000

Young Living Business

For only $160 to have everything you need to start your new business.


Start your business today with any Premium Starter Kit.

If you know NOTHING about the Young Living Premium starter kits there is literally something for everyone and we can talk privately about which one would fit you and your lifestyle best.

Much love,

Annette K.

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