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How to have a great day!


Today was one of those days. I woke up and all I wanted to do is cry for no reason. We all have days like this, don’t lie. It’s that “time” of the month and after I dropped off my boys at school all I wanted to do is crawl back in bed and feel miserable but instead I said to myself: STOP IT!!!
Stop it right now! Get dressed and get your butt to the gym!!! I wiped my tears, got dressed and went. Let me tell you it was the BEST thing I did. They gym is the best antidepressant around. It really is. I went, I gave it my all, I laughed with my group I was in and I feel AMAZING!
Regular exercise has been proven to:
  •    Reduce stress
  •    Ward off anxiety and feelings of depression
  •    Boost self-esteem
  •    Improve sleep

If you are having bad days like I did today quite often please get your self moving!!!  Sitting on the couch being miserable won’t do anything for you. I can’t stretch enough how it all starts with you. YOU need to make a decision to get up everyday and do something great for yourself. Find a gym that makes you want to go too or simply go for a walk. What ever it is you won’t regret it, I promise you. I’m very lucky to have found a place a block away from me that I absolutely love. Im meeting new people everyday and my body is slowly changing. My goal is pretty big but I know with time anything is possible.

​So, STOP feeling sorry for yourself and get going! Let’s do this together!!!
Annette K.

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